Covid-19 Update

We are so happy to be able to return to gymnastics soon, in order to do so we must abide by the following rules set out by British Gymnastics in order to keep everyone safe. Phase 1 of the British Gymnastics Coach Contact Framework has now been approved for under 18 participants by the DCMS, allowing recognised gymnastics environments across England to begin delivery of manual support.

It is very important that you read ALL the information on this page, if we have not received the opt in form or you have not opted out before the first session back your child/children will be unable to participate.


Please Note – Unfortunately there will be no preschool gymnastics classes until further notice as we would not be able to comply with current rules set out for us to follow. We are hoping to start running these as soon as possible. If your child has turned 5 over the last year they are now able to trial in the general gymnastics class

Coach Contact

Parents must read the following document to understand the plan that has been implemented and what is expected of coaches/parents and gymnasts.

Opt-in Or Out

If you are happy for your child to have coach contact as described in the document above please sign the Opt In agreement and bring your signed copy with you on the first lesson back. (If you do not have a printer we will have spare copies for you to sign on arrival) Having read the relevant safety information, if you would like to opt OUT of coach contact with your child please inform the club by text or email quoting your child’s name and “OPT OUT”


Below is a link to the self screening survey, this survey MUST be completed within 2 hours of your child’s session start time. If you answered “YES” to any of the questions, you should contact us before travelling to the venue.

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