Class Information

All parents/carers are expected to read all of the following information before bringing your child for a trial

Do Parents Stay On Site?

All parents of pre-school children are required to stay on site for the whole duration of the session as we do not take children to the toilet (due to health and safety reasons) and they may need help getting settled. It is recommended that any gymnasts under the age of 8, with toilet issues,should have their parent close by to deal with the issues their child might have as it is not the responsibility of the coach to deal with this.

Due to health and safety, we need to restrict any disruption to classes as much as possible. For this reason, parents are not permitted inside the gym during the session. The windows to the hall are glass and parents can look in at any time. There is also another hall next to the gym which parents have access to during the session. Seating is provided. If there are any problems during the session we will bring your child to you, or if you are not on site we will ring you immediately.


All parents/ carers are reminded to check that their child has had a drink and been to the toilet before the class begins as going during the session will waste their training time, disrupt the class and more importantly with preschoolers, possibly lead to the whole of the rest of the class asking to go. Gymnasts older than 5 are sent to the toilet by themselves unless their parent is present, no participants are allowed to leave the hall without permission from a coach. Parents of pre-school children must stay on site to take their child to the toilet.

Food And Drink

Your child is expected to be sent to the session with a bottle of water, it is essential they stay hydrated during exercise. No other drinks such as juice are permitted. No food is permitted in the gym due to hygiene and health and safety reasons (allergies), children are not allowed to snack during the session. No chewing gum is allowed during the session as it is a choking hazard. Ideally children should have eaten a light meal or snack at least an hour before coming to gymnastics, this will prevent children feeling sick and getting a stitch during the warm up. Feeding your child just before they arrive could impact on their training please try to avoid this.

Medical Conditions / Disabilities

Some medical conditions require a parent / carer to stay at the session in case administration of medication is required e.g. Epipen. Any medical condition, learning disability or attention disorder must be disclosed online when signing up with British Gymnastics. Parents must also speak to the lead coach to ensure that all the coaches are aware of any adaptations / risks which need to be considered. We are an inclusive club and try whenever possible,to accommodate participants with a disability who require one to one support. The viability of this will be assessed on a case by case basis. A carer will need to be provided, who will be led by the coaches within the class in order to provide adequate support to the gymnast. BG advocates that either a professional carer approved by the gymnast’s family or the gymnast’s parent or guardian should carry out the role of the carer. Downs Syndrome gymnasts will require an atlanto-atlas screening prior to starting the class.

Valuables & Lost Property

Any items of value brought into the gym are done so at the users’ own risk. We cannot accept liability for any personal belongings left or damaged on site. While we cannot take responsibility for any property that is lost, we will keep anything we do find in a lost property box. Each week this will be left out for parents to look through. At the end of each term any unclaimed lost property will be donated to a charity shop. Please note that is property is lost just prior to the end of term, it will still be donated. We recommend that items of clothes / drink bottles etc are labelled with your child’s name to help us to return forgotten items.

Dropping Off & Collecting Your Child

Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to the session so that your child has time to take their shoes and socks off and be ready in time for the session start. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their child until handed over to the coach at the start of the class. Children must not be left alone before the start of the class unless they are in the hall under a coaches supervision. Please note that any child that is more than 20 minutes late will not be able to participate in the class as they will have missed the warm-up which is crucial. This is for your own child’s safety, as they may injure themselves if they are not fully warmed up.

Parents/ Guardians are expected to collect their children on time. If you know that you are going to be late collecting your child for any reason you must contact the club ASAP. On the other hand, if you know you must take your child out of the session early, you must also inform a coach (Preferably before the start of the session).

Parents/guardians are required to inform the head coach of exactly who is collecting their child (i.e. Their grandma, dad or uncle) If they are going home with another gymnast we must have either written (text message) or verbal confirmation from you (the parent/ legal guardian) that this is the case.

Children are not allowed to leave the gym alone to meet their parents in the car park when being picked up. A coach must see who is collecting your child and be sure that they have been collected safely.

Car Parking

Cranborne school runs various afterschool clubs and as a matter of child safety, vehicles of members of the public are not allowed on the premises at this time. There is ample parking in the street, please do not attempt to bring your car into the car park. Please do not buzz to ask for access, you will be refused, the staff will not lift the barrier for you. The barrier is lifted at 5 pm when afterschool clubs have ceased, you are welcome to bring your car into the car park if the barrier is up and spaces are available.

Supervision Of Children

Please note that the supervision of children not participating in any gymnastics sessions is the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians. Children within the school grounds must be supervised at all times. The club will not accept any liability for damage caused by or injury to children outside the gym hall. Under no circumstances are non gymnasts allowed onto any equipment or the mats in the hall as they are not members and do not have insurance. On occasion there is an exception to this rule ( fun sessions or special events) this will only be with express invitation from the club.

Speaking To A Coach

We love to communicate with our parents and discuss their child’s specific training however our main priority is always the safety and quality of your child’s precious time with us. Of course,after a trial session there needs to be a discussion. If you have any problems/queries there is a desk located inside the hall to the left of the door. Here you can speak to the head coach and sort out any queries,make payments etc. Please try not to speak to a coach during session time and, except in the case of emergency never interrupt a coach who is actively coaching. If you need to speak to a specific coach then please speak to the coach before the session starts or once it has finished. If it is a minor issue and you are not able to speak to the coach, please leave a message with another coach or text Roshni. We are happy to have longer discussions with our members by telephone or email. Please call Roshni during the day time (before 3pm).

Transferring Classes

We understand that situation and schedules change from time to time so you may need to change the class that your child attends. We always try our best to accommodate but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your child in another class so you may have to be placed on a waiting list for your preferred class.

Discipline In Classes

The gym is used by lots of gymnasts and in order to maintain a safe environment it is important that gymnasts listen and follow the instructions of the coach. Gymnasts who mess about or attempt to perform moves that they have been asked not to and/or are not prepared for present a very real danger both to themselves and to others. Leapz & Boundz Gymnastics Club works a three strikes policy. If there are repeated instances of misbehaviour or a serious incident of misconduct, then the gymnast will receive a first warning and sit out of the class. Continued misconduct will result in a verbal warning about the gymnast’s behaviour with the parent/guardian. If behaviour still continues to be poor after the second warning, gymnasts may be asked to leave the club.