Private Sessions

Private lessons are the best and fastest way for anyone to learn gymnastics.

Our private lessons are for adults and children from age 3 upwards. Perhaps you are a complete beginner and would like to start your journey in gymnastics or you are already a gymnast and would like extra coaching to achieve certain goals. We provide several different types of personal training sessions so that you can find the one best suited to your situation get the best value for money.

At Home/ Outdoors

Children/ Adults aged 5+
Suitable for any skill level, although limited by space, this class is to help improve general gymnastics skills. For example, increasing endurance, stamina, agility, co-ordination, strength and flexibility through learning floor based skills. The lesson can be held in your home/garden or in a park (weather permitting, definitely better in the summer months). Perhaps you need help learning a particular skill, these lessons will really help achieve this.

Pre-school (Ages 3-5)
Only for children aged 3-5, the pre-school session is designed to equip your child with all the basic skills needed to do gymnastics. These include co-ordination, balance, strength and flexibility. The sessions are carefully planned to suit to your little ones needs, keeping them engaged by using props and other fun learning tools. Also implementing themes such as colours, numbers and animals means your child can learn while embracing a healthy lifestyle.

This class is for anyone who would like to specifically improve their flexibility which will help towards improving all other aspects of their gymnastics ability. It could also be to help you achieve a certain skill you would like extra help with, for example learning the splits. Flexibility is essential in gymnastics if you would like to continue progressing, as without a large enough range of motion, gymnasts will simply be unable to learn certain skills and this can stop progression. Furthermore, in a competition gymnasts will receive deductions if they cannot reach certain positions.

Strengthening and Conditioning:
This session is specifically focused on improving strength which is essential for completing all skills and further improving your gymnastics abilities. These sessions will contain specific body weight activities, linked to improving strength and correct body positioning for certain skills as well as general full body conditioning.

Competition Training:
For competing gymnasts this session is perfect to help learn and refine routines. It allows plenty of time, one to one, with a qualified instructor to help identify specific errors and mistakes and spend time correcting them. This will help them to reach their full potential at a competition and improve their scores as well as confidence.

In The Gym

Sometimes if a gymnast is of a higher level, it is necessary to have equipment in order to train skills safely. Or perhaps you would like practice on a certain bit of equipment for example the vault, leading up to a competition, in these cases it is necessary to have the private lesson in the gym. At Leaps and Bounds we can provide this but the client will need to take into consideration the cost of the rent for the hall for the duration of their session on top of our price for the tuition.

If this is something you are interested in please get in contact with us so we can discuss times and prices.

Thank You