Dress Code

Safety is always paramount and there are guidelines laid down by British Gymnastics regarding all aspects of safety for gymnast and coach, including uniforms.

Trial Sessions

For trial sessions and before purchasing uniform, children should be dressed in either a vest or a tight-fitting t-shirt. Boys should wear shorts or loose tracksuit bottoms. Girls should wear leggings or fitted shorts (with no embellishments). Please do not dress your child in anything that will cover their face when upside down or impede movement. Clothing items such as jeans, skirts and school wear are not suitable for any part of the session.


All gymnasts work in bare feet in the gym or gymnastics/ dance slippers. It is not permissible for outside shoes to be worm during the session. They will cause damage to the matting and will carry any variety of dirt and germs. Your little ones will be crawling and lying on the mats and will inevitably put their fingers in their mouths at some point. All parents are reminded to keep off the carpets with outside shoes on and ensure siblings do the same.


Verruca’s should be covered by a secure plaster and non-slip socks or gym/dance shoes. Normal socks are not suitable, as your child is likely to slip on the apparatus. Please note that no children will be allowed to train with uncovered verruca’s or without suitable footwear and may have to sit out for the session.


All piercings, jewellery and watches need to be removed before entering the gym, as these can injure both the gymnast’s and coaches and damage equipment. (Including fitness watches) Any religious necklaces that cannot be removed must be securely taped to your child’s chest. Newly pierced ears will need to be covered with plasters/ medical tape by parents. It is not the coaches responsibility to remove and look after any jewellery /valuables. We accept no responsibility for items lost or stolen.

Please click here to refer to the British Gymnastics Body Piercing and Adornments Policy for more information


All long hair should be tied up securely and any fringes should be clipped up and away from the face. (Including boys) Any hair accessories should be small, and soft as otherwise they can dig into your child’s head. Hair beads are not permitted for the same reason.