Pre School Floor Badges

Learning a sequence or floor routine for pre-schoolers can be difficult so instead of learning a routine they should learn the following shapes/actions below. They will normally be assessed in the form of a shape game as a group so they wont know they are being assessed. The best way for them to learn these is with lots of practice and repetition at home (usually the time they get in class isn’t enough to learn them off by heart in a few weeks), they will need to know what the action is by name as we will not demonstrate for them. We have added some pictures and videos to help assist in learning these so they will be ready for their assessment when the time comes.

1st Badge – Shapes

  • Straight Shape
  • Straight Shape Lying Down
  • Star Shape
  • Star Shape Lying Down
  • Tuck Seat
  • Tuck Shape Lying Down
  • Straddle Seat
  • Pike Seat

2nd Badge – Strength

  • Front Support (3 Seconds)
  • Back Support (3 Seconds)
  • Bent Leg Dish (3 Seconds)
  • Bent Leg Arch (3 Seconds)
  • Wall Supported Handstand (5 Seconds)
  • V-Sit (Bent legs, 3 Seconds)
  • Rocket Jumps (x5)
  • Front Support Jump To Crouch (x10)

3rd Badge – Jumps

  • Straight Jump
  • Tuck Jump
  • Star Jump
  • Rebound Jumping
  • Jump Off Higher Surface
  • Jump Onto Higher Surface
  • Sideways Jump
  • Backwards Jump